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02/19/14 Y-3 S-S ’14: Peter Saville’s “Meaningless Excitement”

Whether you see it as a World Wide Wasteland or Wonderland, the Internet is where cultural turnover is at its most rapid. Inspired by the vast sea of memes, viral videos, and social media that is the, legendary art director Peter Saville collaborated with Y-3 on “Meaningless Excitement,” the label’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

As the man behind the “Madchester” era’s art, including Joy Division’s iconic record sleeves, Saville has heard what next big things sound like. On the Internet, this sound is on hyperdrive. Pulling from today’s digital noise, Saville communicates hyper-colorful prints and distorted slogans, all swirling across sleek American styles that have been deconstructed through Japanese tailoring.

Through the collection, the visionary art director and sportswear line make an acid-bright statement: no matter its direction, the future is always on the move.

Y-3 Spring-Summer 2014 Collection, now available at Y-3 Philippines stores. 

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