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  • "The Hot Tub": rounded tufted leather seating for casual meetings.
  • The amphitheater is where the team gathers for "Beer Thirty," where they celebrate the week's successes over a bit of tipple and music.
  • These sound studio/meeting rooms are built with salvaged corrugated sheets.
  • The sound studios also double as video conference rooms.
  • The capiz storage units were designed with the barangay aesthetic in mind: homey, local, and welcoming.
  • A letter from Migo's CEO Barrett Comiskey flanks the office's entrance.
  • Welcome to Migo

06/30/15 Work Space: MIGO

Words by Margarita Buenaventura / Photography by Ina Jacobe

When you do the kind of world-changing work that Migo does, having a world-class workspace is a must. To the uninitiated, Migo is an entertainment company that deploys media infrastructure and platforms. Through this service, anyone can watch television shows and movies on-demand by simply purchasing a subscription — without the need of an Internet connection.

It’s a challenging task, but the folks at Migo seem to take on the tough work with a good dose of fun. Designed by Utwentysix Design — the design brains behind The Mind Museum — their office space in Bonifacio Global City flows with ease. Migo chucks traditional cubicles in favor of long desks, while the recreation area is suited for communal events like their weekly “Beer Thirty.” Their office also makes use of salvaged materials with Filipino architectural elements. With capiz windows as closet doors and corrugated roofing sheets for sound studios, Migo’s office is a living reminder of the customers they serve.

NOUS drops by Migo’s offices and captures how work and play can coexist, and a meeting area they like to call the Hot tub.