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05/13/14 Tom Ford Cocktail Recipe, from Foxlow UK

No doubt a Tom Ford suit endows its wearer with a sexy kind of power— boardroom dominance hinting at bedroom domination. With enough gin, however, that feeling can be accessed.

The Tom Ford cocktail at London’s Foxlow restaurant and bar echoes the designer’s erotic elegance. The Beefeater provides a foundation of bite and brawn, while sherry and Benedictine D.O.M., an herbal liqueur concocted by French monks, infuse a little sensuality in the mix. It’s the sort of simple but substantial cocktail that can stand up to Foxlow’s staple slow roasts, such as an eight hour-smoked bacon rib and 10-hour beef shortrib. You can also see a guy like George Falconer contemplatively sipping one of these at a corner of the bar’s black leather banquette. With pendant lights and 1950s reclaimed oak flooring, Foxlow’s interior is reminiscent of A Single Man’s midcentury modern aesthetic.


Besides those Tom Ford threads, a hefty statement can be made if you shake this cocktail yourself. We asked Foxlow’s bar manager, Richard Crossan, to share its recipe exclusively with NOUS. Now put that suit on, grab a glass, and dominate.


20ml Beefeater Gin

20ml Manzanilla Sherry

20ml Benedictine D.O.M.

15ml lemon juice

5ml sugar

Club soda

1. Shake all but the soda and pour over cubed ice in a tall glass. Top off with club soda.