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  • The Cycle Hotel's Entryway  
  • Guest rooms have a bicycle rack. The hotel also receives bicycles and ships them back home.  
  • Visitors at the Kog Bar get a view of the Onomichi Waterway  
  • The Yard Cafe has a "cycle-thru" counter for snacks on the go  
  • The Restaurant offers a bakery buffet, pizza made from wild yeast, and seafood platters with local oysters  
  • On weekdays, a pizza buffet is offered at The Restaurant  
  • The GIANT shop offers maintenance for guests' bicycles. High-quality models can also be rented, individually adjusted for each customer.

08/14/14 The Hotel Cycle at Onomichi U2, Hiroshima

With a harbor for passing cargo ships and an entryway to Shimanami Kaido, a scenic toll road across six islands in the Seto Inland Sea, Onomichi City has been more a stopover than a destination. Dissatisfied by the city’s stunted tourism, five longtime friends decided to put up a company to develop small businesses and leisure properties in the area.


The Onomichi U2, a warehouse converted into a lifestyle complex, has proven to be a step—or rather, pedal—forward. Giving visitors a reason to stay in Onomichi rather than breeze through is the U2’s Hotel Cycle. In a sleek industrial building made tranquil with a river pebble palette, guests can park their bikes in their rooms. After a hot shower with a view of the Shimanami Kaido, slip into a bathrobe made from locally sourced premium denim; the surrounding area, known for its discriminating production of the fabric.

Before cyclists set off on the 70-kilometer toll road that ends in Imabari City, some distinguished dining options are available at the U2. Top-quality wheat flour and local ingredients make up the breads, pies, and pastries at the ButtiBakery, while oysters and shrimp can be enjoyed at a waterfront restaurant. If you’ve made your way back from Imabari, a drink is in order at the ocean-view Kog Bar. Sip on Suntory as you consider upgrading your ride at U2’s GIANT shop, operated by the leading bicycle manufacturer. Retiring to your room once more, you’ll debate whether the stiffness of your bike seat is worth leaving the warmth of your comforter for.