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04/03/14 The Attic (Cherdak) Bar

The attic is usually the least welcoming part of a house, a place where the past is stowed and left to collect dust. While inspired by the nostalgia that the anterior space embodies, The Attic Bar in Belarus is more a place where the old is essential to such refreshing design.

Exposed is the original brickwork of the newly rebuilt Old Minsk Town house the Attic Bar—or Cherdak Bar in Russian—is found in. The same brick is used for the bar counter, which sits beneath a prominent feature of angled pine beams. The interiors are a hodgepodge of history: an old-fashioned garland from the USA, old school chairs from Ireland, Lithuanian armchairs from the soviet period, and finds from Swedish flea markets. They all come together in a space both warm and inviting despite its low ceiling.  Certainly conducive to squeezing in with a young, offbeat crowd to enjoy spice-infused handcrafted cocktails and the occasional soul or garage classic played.

On designing the space, Dmitrij Kudin of Lithuanian firm, Inblum Architects, says: “Reminiscences of childhood, inspiration, and the smell of an old wooden house, paying a due tribute to these days of our life – this is what we thought of and felt while designing this bar.”

Location: Minsk, Belarus



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