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  • The trust face of Susanne Kaufmann. Her holistic skincare line is available at UNIVERS.    

10/09/14 Susanne Kaufmann’s Supplementary Skin Care Line

If you’ve been sticking to the same skincare regimen since you were in high school, reinforcements might be in order. By your mid-20s, your body produces less of the collagen that keeps it smooth and elastic. Not to mention our skin pays the sin tax for a lot of this decade’s debauchery: cigarettes, alcohol, tanning during wild weekend getaways.

Despite the damage done to our hides, we live in an age where epidermal rehab is readily available. Even better if these products really walk their “organic” or “natural” talk like Austrian skincare line Susanne Kaufmann does. From a cult line offered at the Hotel Post in 2003, SK has gained international renown for products that are “well-researched and effective.” Leave that to scientists who head out to the Bregenz Forest to source the plants it combines for products.

With its Supplementary Skin Care line, SK goes beyond sustaining skin toward strengthening it. If you’re willing to upgrade to that new iPhone, you should be enthusiastic to do the same for your body’s largest organ.


Nutrient Concentrate

Before you put on the moisturizer, use this as an extra-strong base of nourishment care of marigold extract and a precious thistle oil that’s rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.


Active Agent Concentrate (clarifying)

Blemishes get a beat-down from this alpine herb complex that fights impurities without drying skin out. Besides antibacterial healers such as ribwort, masterwort, and lime blossom, mahonia extract clarifies and fermented white lupine protects from free radicals.


Moisturizing Spray (harmonizing)

This fine mist can be used several times a day to boost tired skin through calming witch hazel and moisturizing silk proteins. If you’ve had enough of those UV rays, ecotoine goes overtime on repair and protection. A perfect pal for travel- and sun-exposed skin.


Face Oil (balancing)

10 natural oils gather like shamans around your skin, offering it almost-spiritual radiance. A few stars in the crew: anti-oxidant pomegranate oil; ultra-softening apricot seed oil; and that buzzy argan oil for anti-aging and firmness.