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05/21/14 Suanne Kaufmann co-owner Bea von Thurn und Taxis on effective organic skincare

“We did a check of beauty stores in Manila and there are a couple so-called organic or natural products, but there is no value, no promise behind them,” says Bea von Thurn und Taxis, co-owner of Austrian skincare brand Susanne Kaufmann. When “natural” and “organic” have become buzzwords in the skincare realm, Susanne Kaufmann re-asserts the need for high-quality ingredients based in the plant world.

Today, the holistic care line comprises more than 60 functional products, spanning facial care and even a line of teas. Since Kaufman introduced the line at her family’s Hotel Post in 2003, it has become internationally renowned, from the cult following drawn to the Post’s spa to the growing number of hotels that carry it worldwide.

Visiting UNIVERS recently, Und Taxis talks to NOUS about facial care systems and body-care products that beyond being from nature itself—Austria’s lush and picturesque Bregenz Forest—also happen to be “well-researched and effective.”