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  • 201 Park Avenue South, New York City
  • The DJ booth
  • Corner table

09/25/14 Studio, An Art Installation & Lounge at the W New York

Have enough booze and you’ll be well on your way down that rabbit hole known as a night of pure abandon. At Studio, a new nightlife concept at the W Hotel Union Square, the journey into nocturnal revelry is better with the visuals to accompany it.

A subterranean lounge, Studio’s entryway descends into a mad world inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Across its shadowy den are corner booths and seats draped in rich velvets. Absorbing post-abstract murals painted by artist Domingo Zapata cover the walls, each depicting scenes from the beloved—and winkingly adult—children’s book. On an arrestingly red wall, Tweedledum and Tweedledee look strung out above a couch while another mural looks like the Queen of Hearts’ kingdom rendered as LSD daydream. “I’m thrilled to be part of this collaboration that will offer patrons an exclusive peek at my creative process,” says Zapata. “As an artist, having a space to share my work with the public is an honor and joy.”

W Hotel - Union Square NY

Besides providing the visuals wrapped around the venue, Zapata is also behind Studio’s live musical performances, drinks, and guest list. More than just installation, the space simulates the notorious lifestyle of its artist, known for the studio he kept at the Chateau Marmont and the glitzy bashes he’s held at his Gramercy Park townhouse. The press has painted a portrait of Zapata as a party-hardy playboy whose alleged dalliances include Lindsay Lohan, while his art has been favored less by serious critics than by celebrities and tycoons.

If it isn’t the boldfaced crowd at Studio that will mesmerize, it’ll likely be the drinks, what with a selection of sangrias and a create-your-own-gin-and-tonic bar. While the art isn’t high, spirits here will be. Besides, when you’re down in the rabbit hole, you’d best have an open mind.

W Hotel - Union Square NY