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01/17/14 ‘Prehistoric,’ Rick Owens’s Latest Furniture Exhibition

Often taking aim for the primal, designer Rick Owens goes straight for the bone in his second furniture exhibition since 2010. Titled Prehistoric, the exhibition recently wrapped at London’s Carpenters Workshop Gallery, which presented pieces that could have both been monumental relics and objects from a post-apocalyptic age.

Using 500,000-year-old petrified wood and ox bone, the materials Owens uses give an impression of starkness and strength, forming a collection that includes an eerily ceremonial curial chair and a hulking sofa that strikes as both savage and streamlined, the archaic nature of which expresses the severity and endurance of human needs and desires. “In his fashion collections, he’s known for his use of natural materials like leather and fur. This is also something he has brought to his furniture pieces: the fossilized wood you can see in the work, ‘Curial,’ ox bone in ‘Trident,’ and an example of an alabaster piece is ‘Boudeuse,’” gallery director Aurelié Julien tells NOUS of pieces made by Italian craftsmen. “He mixes these natural materials, used by humans for thousands of years with contemporary and more accessible materials like plywood. This mixture of luxury and everyday are also typical of Rick’s approach to fashion. Owens thought about different new pieces for us and presented three main works standing in our Mayfair space—a real statement.”

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Trident chair

Onedent chair

Curial chair

Curial chairs