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11/11/15 Our Legacy at UNIVERS

The graphic tee boom of the early 2000s became a convenient entry point for anyone looking to get into fashion. Pluck something from the zeitgeist and slap it on a tee, then boom, instant brand and a foundation of cool. For Swedes Jockum Hallin and Christopher Nying, the t-shirt wasn’t an easy-earn scheme to launch themselves as designers. When the duo started their label Our Legacy in 2005, later bringing Richardos Klaren in as a partner in 2007, theirs were t-shirts of integrity. Rather than blasting branding or milking catchphrases on cotton, the trio focused on creating date-defying essentials—subtle prints or patterns, substantial material, and overarching quality.


The Swedish label has since evolved beyond tees. With collections marching out everything from thoughtfully cut button-down shirts to richly streamlined puffer jackets, the timelessness the label began with is undoubtedly intact. Leaving a legacy in menswear shouldn’t at all be a problem.