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04/21/15 NOUSPlay Summer – “Diving Bored”

There should be a soundtrack to everything, really—even for the times you’re not doing anything. To celebrate “Boring April” at Hoodwink and launch our official account on Spotify, NOUS decided to create “Diving Bored,” a playlist for lazy summer days.

Check out @NousPlay and our April playlist on Spotify; it’s like you’re grabbing your ears a beer and letting them soak slothfully in a hot tub. For this slacker-friendly soundtrack, we tapped a bunch of our favorite maestros and music aficionados to serve up tracks perfect for a day-wasting pool party and the reasons they love them.

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Gio Limjoco


1. “Ela E Ela (Werkha Remix)” by Sonzeira

“From the moment the song starts, you just feel it was made for getting down under the sun. Listen to it with some decent headphones if you can.”

2. “The Blues (It Began in Africa)” by Romare

“This song has a really festive vibe to it. I can imagine people getting down to this outdoors.” 

3. “Voices” by Dark Sky  

“The cymbals, vocal chops, and groovy bass lines spell good vibes. I’d play this at a pool party for sure.”

Kathy Gener

Co-Founder of Wide-Eyed Records and Manager of Ang Bandang Shirley 

4. “I’m Ready” by Twin Shadow

“Because I want to do a summer bbq with George Lewis Jr. in real life and this is the closest thing to that.”

5. “The Ghosts of Beverly Drive” by Death Cab For Cutie

“A song to sing along to with feelings. Let us not be lonesome!”

6. “Empty Nesters” by Toro Y Moi

“Good vibes, memories, a pool party theme song in my head.”

Xtina Superstar

DJ, Black Market

7. “Freedarich” by Spezi

“Tech house at its finest.”

8. “Research” by Big Sean feat. Ariana Grande

“What’s a pool party without a weekend slow-jam feel? Plus you can blame my Ariana Grande obsession! #Guilty #TheseHosBeDoingResearch.”

Carlos Del Prado

H&F Sales Development Officer and General Cool-Ass Motherfucker

9. “Mornin’” by Star Slinger
“I think it sounds the way a proper lazy day in the sun should start. Spring in your step, song in your heart, and maybe a drink in hand.”

10. “Summer Madness” by Kool & The Gang
“It’s not exactly new but it is what I imagine what plays when people start showing up and peeling clothes off to get in the pool.”

11. “Skylight” by Gramatik
“I hear this and I think it’s that point when the sun sinks and the party starts to turn into something a little bit more upbeat.”

12. “Instant Need” by FKJ
“This guy came through and played at Malasimbo this year and it was something else. This song is a lot of fun and keeps things going for something past the pool and bbq.”