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  • Le Gramme's GUILLOCHÉ bracelets. Le Gramme is available in UNIVERS.  
  • Le Gramme Ludovic Parisot in Black Silver  
  • Le Gramme Ludovic Parisot in 7g polished yellow gold  
  • Le Gramme Ludovic Parisot in 15g brushed Red Gold  
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05/15/15 Le Gramme

For material as splendid as 18-karat gold or sterling silver, a little more imagination in craftsmanship is only fitting. Why wear a precious metal if it’s going to look like just any bracelet out there?

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A unique product begins with the commune it has with its maker. At Le Gramme’s French ateliers, artisans are responsible for molding and engraving each piece of metal by hand, guaranteeing that the bracelets have their own stories to tell. As polished red gold, brushed copper, or sterling silver rendered in guilloché (a pattern inspired by a butcher’s meat tenderizer), Le Gramme’s pieces highlight the distinction of their metals, while communicating an idea that goes beyond beauty.



Le Gramme is available at UNIVERS