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  • L:A Bruket is available at Univers  
  • A seaweed harvest from the Kattegatt Sea between Sweden and Denmark.

11/24/15 L:A Bruket – Coastal Skincare from Sweden

As easy as the Swedes make their lifestyle out to be, massages and easy-assemble furniture included, their weather can get pretty harsh at times. However, while nature is the source of the glaring sun and harsh winds over there, it’s also the remedy.


With Nordic know-how, Swedish grooming line L:A Bruket offers effective relief from the elements. The ruggedly elegant packaging brings a rustic-industrial spa into your home, offering scrubs with seaweed harvested from the Kattegatt Sea to handmade soaps on ropes (think variants like wild rose or patchouli and orange) that exfoliate with sand from Apelviken. While a line of scented candles has one formulated with blackened oak from the woods, they seem a tad superfluous. Sprinkle one of L:A’s bath salts into your tub and let’s see if you don’t already drift off to sleep like you’re in the cozy confines of a Swedish log cabin.

L:A Bruket is available at Univers  

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