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  • Treitlstr. 2, 1040 Vienna  
  • "The building is an artwork made by Professor Adolf Krischanitz," says Wiesmuller.  

10/08/15 Heuer am Karlsplatz, Vienna

The mark of any sophisticated city is the abundance of restaurants proclaiming seasonal menus and natural ingredients. You’d expect this sort of cultivated culinary scene in Vienna, a capital never lacking in praise from a cultural superpower like Monocle. At the heart of the city, Heuer am Karlsplatz is the epitome of such gastronomic enlightenment, yet the restaurant goes a step further—a step leading out into its own garden.

“In the planning phase, we wanted to redefine the area as a hotbed for art, creative industries, and contemporary living, the values of which are sustainability, authenticity, and permanent transition,” says owner Andreas Wiesmüller of the restaurant, which shares its building with international contemporary art space Kunsthalle Vienna. “Those values are reflected through our KarlsGarten, the 2,400 square-meter park we included. Here, we started an urban gardening project where bio waste from the kitchen is used as compost and products from the garden are used in the kitchen.”


Beyond the sustainability visible in the jars of pickled ingredients lining shelves and herbs used in cocktails and reinterpreted Viennese cuisine, sociability has become a byproduct of the now-beloved KarlsGarten. The garden has become a center of convergence. Often, you’ll find locals parking their bikes to enjoy drink-fueled conversation amid furniture fashioned from crates. Throughout the year, festivals will be held with a dynamic range of live music and art exhibitions. DJs will drop by to fulfill the establishment’s focus on “analog,” busting out records from an in-house vinyl collection. And for any new visitors looking to reclaim a more organic existence, soaking in the convivial garden party of “I Want My Sunday Back” is a necessary alternative to spending the end of the week in front of one’s laptop.




“The garden has dramatically increased the amenity value in the area,” says Wiesmüller, who cites beekeeping and the school tours that KarlsGarten accommodates to teach students about traditional harvesting. Of course, when community enlightenment and social engagement are clearly on a restaurant’s menu, you just know you’ll be eating better.


Order This:

Drink – Burschik Spritz with cava, Vienna Vermouth, soda, rosemary, and lemon

Dish – “Fish on a Stick.” Samlet out of the earthen stove with lemon and housemade bread on the side.


Neighborhood Recommendations:

“Go to Radlager, a bike concept store and Italian coffee house, check out Erwin Gegenbauer’s crafts at the Naschmarkt, and stay at the Hotel am Brillantengrund.”

– Andreas Wiesmüller of Heuer am Karlsplatz