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  • Fred Perry x STÜSSY 35 is carried by Fred Perry Philippines   
  • Full-length track suit in Mahogany  
  • Stüssy SS-Link Logo and Fred Perry archive B50 Laurel Wreath logo taping  
  • Long-sleeved cut-and-sew with white panels with taping across the chest.  
  • Stüssy signature embroidery  

11/16/15 Fred Perry x STÜSSY 35

When Shawn Stussy sold surf apparel out of his car’s trunk in the ‘80s, it was the fearless and futureless—Laguna Beach’s pedestrian cool kids—that propelled the label across the globe. With its foundations on the street, Stüssy has kept its cred for over 35 years, appealing to beach bums on the boardwalk and boom box raisers in the projects alike.


It’s a story similar to Fred Perry’s, only with sunburn and a skateboard-induced pavement gash. As its British brother-in-arms, Fred Perry joined the gaggle of global brands that Stüssy collaborated with to celebrate its 35th anniversary. On taping that runs the length of track suits and across a pique shirt’s chest are the emblems of rebel youth: Fred’s laurel wreath and Stüssy’s S-link logo. No matter their provenance, word on the street is most certainly not lost in translation on these retro timeless pieces, especially when subculture is a big part of each brand’s language.

Fred Perry x STÜSSY 35 is carried by Fred Perry Philippines