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05/09/14 Fred Perry x Jamie Reid Blank Canvas Collection

You could say Jamie Reid provoked the design of dissent into being. Summoned by legendary Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren in 1976, the British artist created the artwork for the band’s singles and LPs through the rest of the decade. Punk rock soon had a distinctive face—and it was that of a defaced Queen Elizabeth II with the Pistols’ name and album title, God Save the Queen, covering her eyes and mouth.


The ransom note lettering Reid uses on the iconic album cover has become a trademark and finds itself in Fred Perry’s new Blank Canvas collaboration with the artist. While the British label has an insouciant stance in punk history, worn by many a rabble-rousing youth on the streets of London, there’s no better way to wear rebellion on your t-shirt than with a touch of Reid.

Reid and Fred Perry come together, fists in the air, through their Blank Canvas collection: three shirts that feature the latter’s pre-Pistols work and more recent designs. From referencing “The Mikado” opera of 1885 that influenced music much later to The Hare, a symbol of freethinking, Reid’s rebellion makes a refined statement through a storied label.

Fred Perry x Jamie Reid Blank Canvas Collection is available at Laurel Wreath collection shops