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  • Anoraak at Fred Perry SubcultureLive in XX XX

10/21/17 Fred Perry SubcultureLive with Anoraak

Beyond elevating the sounds of the underground, Fred Perry’s SubcultureLive has also taken ears on a time travel trip back to the future. Last month, the concert series welcomed French synthwave artist Anoraak to its stage. Problem is our souls may have been left behind by the stage, soaking in all the possibility of that evening.

Since releasing his debut “Nightdrive with you”—a track wrapped snugly in ‘80s synths—Anoraak’s music has always felt like that exciting commute to meet an old friend in a new city. There’s so much anticipation in seeing how they’ve changed, similar to the thrills one experiences hearing the artist’s synth revival. In an intimate and positively charged space like XX XX, the artist’s music felt like even more of a rediscovery. Fittingly, his performance was flanked by the fresh-making beats of DJs Liquid Software, Nonplus, and M2M, as well as a live set by underground renaissance man, Caliph8.

Alas, aural connections, even cosmic ones, must eventually meet their end. Like that old gallivanting friend, however, Fred Perry’s Subculture Live manages to surface once more—reliably, with a surprise or two to share.