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  • The crowd gathers for SubcultureLive at the new Fred Perry store in Uptown BGC  

05/11/17 Fred Perry SubcultureLive at Uptown BGC

Photography by Beatrice Faicol and Kyle Jayogue

Fred Perry’s SubcultureLive has always been rooted in fresh uprisings. A lack of cultural alternatives compels people to start things; to offer the odds, no matter the odds. Last week, the live series found a venue of kindred spirits in the new Fred Perry store in Uptown BGC and, along with it, a laurel leaf-brandishing army to hold down the fort. Bathed in a mysterious purple, the store gathered a lively throng of revelers all intent on defending and celebrating the series’s sound of defiance.

First up on SubcultureLive’s renegade roster was Sgt. Vez, who attacked the stage with soul-stewing beats you had to salute. Everyone marched on to the throwback jangle of Steady Moving Beat’s guitars with SMB playing the perfect music to sway to, especially with the kind of ice-cold beer that shares the band’s initials. A perfect punctuation to the evening was Manila Animal aka Kiko Escora, who’s never strayed from that rebellious Fred Perry Spirit, be it in his visual art or the savage beats he unleashed upon the crowd. While SubcultureLive’s battlecry isn’t anything new, the evening’s sets sounded its message anew. You could hear it through the stomp of sneaker-clad feet or a caustic beat made quicker by the devilish summer heat.