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  • DJ Par Satellite will play Subculture Live on August 19 at the Laurel Store in Greenbelt 5

08/18/16 Fred Perry Presents: Subculture Live – Par Satellite and Smallfolk

Words by George Evan Dungca

The underground music scene has always thrived with a little help from good ol’ Fred. This year, the brand presents artists from the nooks and crannies of Manila’s urban jungle through Subculture Live, an underground aural spectacle gone global. This year’s set of independent artists will feature the riot-inducing rock and roll of DJ Par Satellite and the eclectic improvisations of Smallfolk. They’ll be making the Laurel Wreath store in Greenbelt 5 their stage on August 19 along with reggae authority Humble Sauce.

Prior to putting on tomorrow’s show, the boys sat down with NOUS to talk some basic info (and the Brits) behind their beats.


What he does

“DIY since ’79 and rock n’ roll out on parole.”

His style in three words

“Educate, agitate, organize.”

First song played on repeat

The Ramones – “She’s the One”

The Brits who inspire his beats

The Clash, Paul Weller, and the Sex Pistols



Carlo on drums. Jethro on keyboard and guitars. Mark on the sax.

Three words to describe their noise

“Pogi jazz. Self-improvisation. Cosmic noise.”

The first song they played on repeat together

Sao Paulo Underground – “Olhossss”

The Brits who inspire their beats

Keith Moon of The Who, The Beatles, Small Faces, The Kinks