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  • Humble Sauce plays the Subculture Live stage on August 19 at Greenbelt 5.

08/11/16 Fred Perry Presents: Subculture Live – Humble Sauce

Words by George Evan Dungca

Last year, the sounds of Manila’s underground scene broke through the asphalt and reverberated all across the world thanks to Fred Perry’s Subculture Series. Once again, the brand breaks through aural barriers this year with another vibrant set of homegrown acts for Subculture Live. The line-up will feature the infectious beats of reggae punk rock band, Humble Sauce. Despite their name, the band is emboldened by its reggae and ska influences, manifesting in the way their staccato falls perfectly in step with their progressive lyricism. Moreover, the vigor of their brass is there to punctuate it all. They’ll be serving good vibes up with bands Small Folk and Par Satellite at the Laurel Wreath, Greenbelt 5 on August 19th.

Before seasoning the Subculture stage, the band managed to squeeze a few words out about their sound.

Where they got the name Humble Sauce. 

“It’s a mixture of everyone’s influences. We try to incorporate it in a song that would really jive with the whole band. Music is a collaborative art.”

The first song they played on repeat. 

“Mostly songs by The Clash.”

What they miss about home when they’re on tour. 

“Our families because that’s the only thing you’ll ever need. But we don’t go on tour as often as before since we’re a bit settled na, married with kids, jobs. We’re usually gone just for two to three days at a time.”

Which British music icons have influenced their sound. 

“The Clash, The Specials, The Sex Pistols, and Big Audio Dynamite.”


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