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04/11/14 EYTYS SS14

True to its name, EYTYS releases a SS ’14 collection that offers a skewed salute to the past. To create its first series of printed pairs, the sneaker label tapped London-based artist (and ‘80s-born kid), Rhys Coren. Influenced by the Acid House scene and the designs of football goalkeeper kits he saw growing up, Coren’s work evoked the spirit Team EYTYS aimed for in this collection: “bittersweet memories of candied and colorful Kellog’s cereals, of being 10 year’s old and glued to the TV without a care in the world.” In other words, a snap-crackle-poppin’, Hanna Barberic throwback of sorts.

Paying tribute to the Memphis Group, Coren created three patterns that bring to mind your favorite ol’ Trapper Keeper. Spot each unisex style on the label’s signature pair of “Mothers” and swagger around in cool nostalgia. Just one thing we’d like to dispute: Kellog’s cereal and morning cartoons are still very much a part of our lives.

EYTYS SS14 is now available at Hoodwink