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  • Delvaux A/W16-17 is available at Homme et Femme 8Rockwell  
  • Brillant Mini Rodeo in Rose Candy  
  • Brillant MM Box Calf Camaieux in Rouge De Pourpre
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12/01/16 DELVAUX A/W16-17

The gravitas of Delvaux can be detected in a feature as simple as its iconic buckle. Emboldened in its simplicity, it represents the enduring elegance of the oldest fine leather luxury goods brand in the world. Certainly, a foundation of discernment is what Christina Zeller built on when she became the Belgian label’s Artistic Director in 2011. A former model (Chanel and Hermes) with a journalism degree and management stints at vaunted labels such as Lanvin and Givenchy, Zeller represents Delvaux’s abiding ethos: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”



This theme carries through in the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 collection. Deliberate touches of Art Deco and geometric rigor are present, emphasizing the brand’s marksmanship when it comes to solidly structured designs. Expanding from timeless tones to include Absinthe, Rose Candy, Rouge de Pourpre, and Tourterelle, and crafted in exotic leathers such as Alligator, Lizard, Python, and Galuchat, the brand celebrates the contemporary woman who most embodies it: one with a great sense of self and the resolve to conquer every precious moment.


Delvaux AW16-17 is available at Homme et Femme 8Rockwell.