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  • Created by +63 Design Co., the logo of Your Local is placed over a photo of the restaurant's famed black bun sandwich.

02/04/15 Case Study: Your Local Logo

NOUS’s “Case Study” is a Capsule series on branding and packaging that makes a statement.


Whetting our appetite for good design is the logo for Legaspi Village restaurant, Your Local. Behind the restaurant’s crisp and modern visual representation is Dan Matutina, co-founder of +63 Design Co. “Your Local wanted a memorable logo that will encapsulate the shop and the space,” says Matutina of logo guidelines set by the restaurant’s owners. “When we were designing the identity, we wanted to have a logo that can be used both as a logotype and an icon. We thought that using an A pointing down like a pin was the solution. It says ‘You are Here’ and @ (at) at the same time.”