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  • title of work packages men's accessories in canisters inspired by art print containers
  • title of work's necktie canisters

01/13/15 Case Study: title of work

Extraordinary objects don’t simply appear, but are uncovered. Besides providing proper encasement, good packaging offers a cleverly designed synopsis to its substantial contents.

NOUS unveils “Case Study,” a Capsule series on packaging that delivers in both functionality and statement.

To start, New York label title of work has not only reimagined men’s accessories through artful but elegant embellishment, but how they’re packaged. “My intention behind title of work is to bridge the worlds of art and fashion, so I have chosen to translate the visual language of the art world into the packaging,” the brand’s creative director and founder, Jonathan Meizler, tells NOUS. Removing traditional men’s items from its rigid beginnings, Meizler has placed them in containers more fitting.


“Each piece is individually rolled into a canister, similar to an art print,” Meizler explains. “[Each is] labeled with the materials used, origin, and construction of each item. The symbolic red dot is then placed onto each canister, signifying a buyer’s interest. I believe it’s imperative for a collection to create a well-rounded story, and the packaging is key to reflecting its identity.”