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  • Created by Debbie Flores, a New York-based graphic designer who's worked on projects for companies such as Bed, Bath & Beyond.
  • "Thanks Mom"

04/07/15 Case Study: Chill Pill Ice Cream

Photography by Samantha Ang

Ice cream company Chill Pill isn’t just a cure for the common summer craving. It’s a cure for local ice cream branding that has lacked slickness, sophistication, and, well, a certain cool for a while now. Co-founders Pat and Dr. Ian Flores discuss the idea behind an ice cream home delivery service that they and sister Debbie concocted just for “fun.”

chill pill-13

Ian Flores: “We came from a family who loves dessert. When we were kids, our mom made soft-serve ice cream all the time. Yun yung negosyo eh. But after a few years of doing that, it stopped. So the business concentrated on other things—food pa rin like condiments. Nawala sa isip namin ang ice cream until recently, like two years ago. We thought of just making our own ice cream.

Pat Flores: It started formally this December when we were looking for ideas of what to give as gifts. Kami kasi, medyo all-out kami. If we’re doing the gift ourselves, we might as well brand it ourselves. Naisip na rin namin to do this brand thing but not to sell, just for fun. Many people liked it, so we were like, “Hey, we can sell it!”

Our little motto is “Why not?” We want to try things that haven’t been tried before. We’re tired of the usual cookie dough ice cream. We wanted something with a kick, sometimes literally with the alcoholic ones.

IF: The name comes from the motto na, “The cure for everything is ice cream.” The “pill” part of the title is supposed to be the cure.

PF: Also, our brother’s a doctor, so that’s fun. The branding came from our sister, who’s a designer in New York. She’s worked on projects for Bed, Bath & Beyond. We’re doing a popup in New York this month. You can find us at Ugly Kitchen in the East Village.