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08/15/14 Career Opportunities at H&F – 3rd Quarter 2014


Web infiltration, store expansion—H&F is growing. Needless to say, we need more hommes and femmes to further our rebellion in retail. H&F’s Human Resources head Vicky Magat sounds out a call to arms and discloses career openings in the company.

Store Operations Manager

The job requires several years of retail sales experience to oversee the daily operations of H&F stores and its sales force through its store heads.  We will favorably consider people with an ability to motivate people in selling. Exceptional communication and listening skills are a plus, while strong leadership and decision making skills are a must. Applicants must also be competent in maintaining high standards of professionalism in business functions related to marketing, operations and administration to ensure that assigned stores in different locations are operating smoothly.

Merchandise Manager

Directly responsible to the President, the position plays a major role in the selection of products that will be sold in H&F stores and in overseeing the marketing of merchandise.  They are expected to coordinate with the buying team on building inventory based on an accurate grasp of the customer profile and analysis of market and fashion trends.  Applicants are expected to carefully study demands and buying patterns of clients to help the buying team formulate decisions.  Previous experience and training at a buying department is essential.

Store Manager

The position primarily handles supervision of sales associates and operational requirements at the store level. This involves overseeing schedules of staff and providing them with basic training necessary to meet sales goals.  We are looking for candidates with related work experience in a similar industry. They should be able to demonstrate above-average communication skills, be team players, and effective leaders, as well.

Press & Communications Associate

The successful candidate will provide assistance to the team in preparing and disseminating its press requirements.  This person is expected to handle the production side: generating visuals and designing communication efforts required by H&F.  We are looking for candidates who possess above-average verbal and communication skills, and are also adept in creating visuals needed for advertising including production and distribution.  Responsibility is required in ensuring all communications-related aspects of H&F’s events or promotions are accomplished on time

Merchandising Assistant

Directly reporting to the Brand Manager for novelty lines, the position provides administrative support in the inventory process of merchandise, as well as maintaining and updating of records.  This person helps monitor the group’s sales through timely submissions of weekly, monthly, and annual sales.  Qualified candidates are college degree holders, preferably with experience in retail or merchandising. They must be detail-oriented and show proficiency in numerical tasks.


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