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02/09/14 Café Kitsuné Paris

Both a fashion brand and record label, Maison Kitsuné is the house from which founders Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki disseminate their distinguished bicultural lifestyle. Recently, the duo forayed into a more literal spreading of tastes: coffee culture.

Last February, the brand launched Café Kitsuné Tokyo and a year later, expanded their coffeehouse-cum-boutique concept to their other home base, Paris. Opening at the Palais Royal last month is Café Kitsuné Paris, where a garden and the location’s 17th century architecture offer quaint contrast to the tatami accents of its Tokyo counterpart.

The craft and design cunning the brand is known for are immediately visible, from the minimalist marble-and-wood countertop to the fox-shaped shortbread biscuits on the café’s concise gluten-free menu. While the fox may be the brand’s spirit animal, there’s nothing sly about the coffee served.  London-roasted beans of Brazilian origin offer a full-bodied brew with notes of chocolate, toasted hazelnut, and ripe cherry.  More than the coffee, of course, is the Kitsuné culture—easygoing with an edge—throbbing throughout the stand-up space. Given the brand’s music background, you can imagine the joint’s playlist is the stuff that’ll get you buzzing more than a cup of their premium joe will. Certainly a worldly way to get wired.

Location:  51 Galerie de Montpensier, Paris

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KitsunÇ cafe karl hab (8)


KitsunÇ cafe karl hab (9)