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  • Waste your time with us, drop by Hoodwink throughout April.

04/09/15 “Boring April” at HOODWINK

Idle hands may be the devil’s playground—but, well, everyone loves a playground, don’t they? The boys at Hoodwink sure do, enough to render their workplace a devilishly fun mancave of sorts.

We call this month “Boring April,” where the Hoodwink hombres trick the store out like a stylishly slothful dorm room, complete with a beer-filled fridge, some lazy-day seating, and a Playstation customers can get thumbsy with whenever they like.


As experts at time suckage, they’ve also cranked out an entire April calendar of events that require nothing but showing up. Slackers, burnouts, and all of April’s fools, grab a sixer and come waste a day with us.


Week 1 

Thursday, April 9 — Playstation battle. Grab a controller, make our day.

Saturday, April 11 — Free Sandwiches. Don’t ask what’s in them, be glad we even made them.

Week 2 

Thursday, April 16 — TV Time: ANIME

Saturday, April 18 — Movie Marathon: 90s flicks and FREE PIZZA!

Week 3

Saturday, April 25 — Drinks on us! Dorm room party at the store.