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02/26/14 AMI SS14, Photographed by Tommy Ton

“I love the idea that you can become someone else in a foreign land,” says AMI’s Alexandre Mattiussi of the label’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection, rooted in the idea of departure. Inspired by the jet set lives of secret agents, Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon,” and the pap-captured airport style of Johnny Depp and David Beckham, the collection finds Mattiussi deviating from his own design customs. “I allowed myself to explore beyond my usual creative route. The result is more relaxed. I wanted something very graphic, visual, bright, electric. A tropical print, a stripe, and camouflage pattern: no inhibitions.”

Mattiussi’s signature French prepster assumes a different identity upon departure. He is the stranger reading coolly at the airport lounge or radiating debonair exoticism across the plaza—the mystery man who ignites interest in transit, the tourist whose charms work across time zones.

Despite his alien status, it’s worldliness that spurs his self-assurance, reflected in tropical wools from Italy, Schoolboy stripes from the UK, and camouflage prints from Japan. From braided leather weekend bags to optical fabrics derived somewhere between “a St. Tropez white party at Eddie Barclay’s and a spontaneous purchase at a flea market in Goa,” AMI’s is a man who’s seen it all and is himself a debonair site amid must-visit destinations.