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  • Subculture Live at the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath store at Greenbelt 5. (Photography by Beatrice Faicol)  
  • Humble Sauce plays  
  • Laurel wreath love  
  • Homme et Femme's Mano Lotho  
  • Photographer Joseph Pascual  

08/23/16 Fred Perry Presents: Subculture Live with Small Folk, Humble Sauce, and DJ Par Satellite

Words by George Evan Dungca

Intimacy, intoxication, and the sounds of the underground came together last Friday at Fred Perry’s Subculture Live.

Held at the Laurel Wreath store in Greenbelt 5, the gig served as an avenue for bridging the local music scene and the global stage. Smallfolk kicked the night off with their improvised ambient electronica while the pulsating rhythm of Humble Sauce kept the momentum going. A pulse-quickening punctuation to the night came by way of DJ Par Satellite’s in-your-face rock and roll, reminiscent of the grit and grunge of the subculture that started it all.